Notes From The Naughty Neighbor Next Door

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I lay propped up on a soft mound of pillows hearing you move about the room. I can hear your open the drawer of the bedside table and items shifting and moving. The bed shifts a bit under me when you climb onto the bed. You straddle my body. “You look beautiful laying there waiting for me.” you say. I can feel you slide up my body, your thighs brushing my breast. I feel your erection pressed against my lips. “Open your mouth.” you demand. I moisten my lips and open my mouth as you slide your cock into my mouth. You place your hands on the sides of my face and gently direct my mouth as you slide deeper into my mouth. I try to reach out my hands for you but my restraints keep me from touching you. “Not yet babe.” you say with a gentle laugh. I can tell how much you enjoy teasing me. 

You slide your cock out of my mouth moving lower and lower down my body. You lean down and run your tongue over my lips before taking my mouth. You climb off of me and I miss your weight and nearness immediately. You begin to stroke my body with your fingertips. Softly barely touching me. I try to lift to meet your touch. At this moment there is nothing but the feel of your hands on my body and the rapid sound of my breathing. You run your fingertips between my breast down my belly where you run your fingers just inside the elastic of my thong. I lift my hips wanting you to touch all of me. I know you wont yet. You replace your fingertips with your lips and tongue. You kiss my neck again paying special attention to my collar bone which sends me closer to the edge. My head tilts back and I strain against my bindings and let out a moan of pleasure and desire. Your tongue continues its journey down my body. You draw my nipple into your mouth and sweetly torture my nipple flicking and rolling your tongue over and around it sucking and nibbling gently. My hips begin to lift and grind searching for your touch. I can feel the wave of orgasm building. You slide your tongue down my belly and it sends more heat over my body. Your tongue slides just inside my thong my hips lift, grinding faster. I feel your hands on my hips grasping my thong. “Lift your hips.” your voice is low and demanding. As I lift my hips you slide my thong off and discard it. I lay in front of you bound, blind folded, completely naked and exposed for your pleasure. I can feel the heat of your gaze as you examine my completely smooth and tanned body and it turns me on even more. I open my legs slightly exposing my bare mound for you. 

I hear you groan before I feel the warmth if your breath between my legs. Your tongue caresses my swollen clit once twice before I cry out with the pleasure of my first orgasm. Your tongue dips slightly inside me and it makes me want more. You flick your tongue over my mound again and again before drawing my engorged clit into your mouth and sucking gently. I feel you slide first one then two fingers inside my hot wetness while you massage my clit with your tongue. In and out your fingers slide and I know I am going to cum again. I can feel myself tightening around your fingers. “Not yet babe. I want to see you cum.” you say again. You lift up and remove my blind fold. I can see your tongue sliding over my skin and feel your fingers sliding inside me. I want to cum again. “Not yet, wait.” you command. I whimper and lift my hips wanting to cum but stopping myself from release. You make me wait for what seems to be an eternity. You remove your fingers and stop licking me before saying, “What do you want? Ask nicely like my good girl.” 

"Please, please let me cum." I beg. "Open your eyes, look at me." you command. As I open my eyes you slide your every inch of your hard cock into my hot wetness burying deep inside me. I look into your eyes as I tighten around your cock. "Not yet, wait for me." you say in an husky voice. You begin to slide your rod in and out of me, feeling me tighten and around you pulling you back inside me. Your thrusts get deeper and more forceful. You grab my hips and pull me further onto your dick. I don’t think I can wait any longer you make me want to cum so badly. You say again, "What do you want babe, ask me for what you want." 

"Let me cum, please let me cum." I moan. "Look at me and don’t close your eyes" you say. "Cum for me." you growl. Our eyes stay locked as I tighten around your cock and let myself cum for you. As each wave of pleasure caresses my body and I tighten around you and call your name as you release your own orgasm. 

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As I stand up you pull me into your body. You run a single finger from my left earlobe down my cheek bone to my chin. You touch my lower lip pulling my mouth open slightly. Your fingers caress both of my cheeks and hold my face….tilting my head up so you can see my eyes. I know how you like to look into my green eyes especially when they are shining with want and desire. You bring your lips ever so close to mine, holding, waiting for that moment…..that moment when I can’t hold back. That moment when I let out a sigh of complete surrender. Then and only then do you bring your lips to mine forcefully, devouring my mouth. Your hands on my face controlling the angle of our kiss, your lips and mouth owning mine, kissing me so deeply and passionately. Making me moan against your lips as you finally release my mouth. My hands gripping your arms, the only things keeping me from floating away. You draw my upper lip into your mouth and give it a gentle nip before doing the same to my lower lip. My body melts into yours. I can feel your erection pressing on my stomach. The tip of your tongue slides gently between my lips opening them for your exploration of my mouth. You begin kissing me slowly, with precision. My arms wrap around your waist pulling you to me making sure there is nothing but the silk of my bra and thong between us. As the kiss progresses the pressure and intensity builds. You ravish my mouth with your tongue and I moan with pleasure. Your hand twisted in my hair you draw my head back and look into my eyes again….I can see the fire building in your eyes. 

You kiss my ear, my jaw and down to my collar bone. You know what it does to me when you kiss and nibble that sweet spot where my neck and shoulder meets. My fingers are increasing pressure on your back pulling you closer. I want you closer. I want you more. With your index finger you pull down my bra strap. You follow your finger with your tongue, trailing a warm wet path on my skin. You kiss the top of my breast gently paying equal attention to both. Your free hand reaches around me and unhooks my bra, releasing my breast. You cup my breast with your free hand and draw my hard nipple into your hot wet mouth. I can feel myself getting hot and wet. You begin sucking and nibbling on my nipples. My head falls back in surrender. 

"Go lay on the bed." you say. I step back from you to follow your instructions. I miss the feel and heat of your skin on mine already. Before I get to the bed you tell me to "Stop." You slide my hair back from my ear and whisper…"Do you trust me?" I nod yes. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t. You slide something silky over my head and cover my eyes. 

Blind folded. You lead me to the bed and help me get comfy on the mound of pillows you have prepared. “Relax.” you say. I am relaxed and so hot with anticipation I can feel myself swelling and getting wet with the first waves of pleasure beginning. You take my wrist and I feel the cool soft silk restraints being wrapped gently but forcefully around it. First on wrist and then the other. I do not resist. I don’t want to resist you. 

I lay on the bed, blind folded and bound….waiting…..wanting……

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Close Your Eyes…….

I step just into the bedroom. It is dark, save for the exception of a pool of light cast by the lamp on the bedside table that illuminates the immediate area softly. I can not see you but know that you are there. I can smell your cologne. That scent that is inherently yours. The scent that makes me slightly light headed with anticipation. My heart begins to beat faster wondering what exactly you have planned for me this evening. 

"Come forward into the light and undress for me, slowly" you say in a low commanding voice from behind me. I hear the cold metal of the door lock sliding into place with authority. A shiver runs over my body. I slowly unbutton my linen shirt, my fingers struggling not to shake. My shirt slides down my arms and falls into a pool at my feet. I reach behind me and slide the zipper of my skirt open. The silky feel of my skirt sliding down my legs is so soft. As I step out of my skirt I hear you say "Turn around for me." I willingly comply. I turn slowly around allowing you full view of my breasts spilling out of my demi-cup bra and my round butt uncovered and exposed by my thong. 

My anticipation is growing. I want the feel of your lips on mine. I want to feel the weight of your body on top of mine. I can tell you are going to make me wait and it makes me want you more. I hear your footsteps approaching me and my breath quickens. You stand so close to me but not touching. 

"Undress me." you say in a tone that is gentle but not a request. You have no doubts that I will bend to your will. I have no doubts that I will bend to your will, for in this arena your will is my desire. I unbutton your shirt trailing my fingers just inside, feeling your warm skin against my soft fingertips. My hands slide your shirt off your shoulders and down your arms. I love the feel of your strong body under my palms. I struggle with your belt buckle my hands shaking again. Finally, I get your belt unhooked and your button free and pants unzipped. Your pants fall away and join my clothing in a neglected pile on the floor. 

"You know what I want" is all you say to me. And I do know exactly what you want. I lean into you and softly place my lips to yours. I trail kisses across your jawline and down to your collar bone. Kissing and nibbling my way down your chest leaving a warm moist trial down your body. I kneel down and pay special attention to the area just above the waistband of your briefs. Running my tongue just inside your waistband from one hip to the other. I slide my fingers into your briefs and gently pull them down. Your erect penis springs out and brushes my cheek. 

I run the tip of my tongue up the inside of your inner thigh and into the crease of your leg up to your hip where I give a gentle nibble. I move away and repeat the process on the other side. I gently nudge your legs apart a bit. I slide my tongue just under your balls and draw first one and then the other gently into my hot, wet mouth. Your legs are beginning to shake. You tangle your hands in my hair. I slide my tongue around the base of your shaft before running my tongue up the entire length of your erection. I circle my tongue around your tip before drawing in into my mouth to roll my tongue around it and bathe your head in my wet mouth. I slide my hands up your legs, over your stomach and onto your chest. You release one hand from my hair and grab my wrist with it. I can feel the increasing pressure on the back of my head…I know what you want. You want me to take all of you into my mouth. And I will. I open my mouth and draw every inch of you into my mouth. I can feel you deep in my throat. You let out a moan of pleasure. My tongue and mouth slide up and down your shaft. I alternate between deep throating you and lavishing your head with gentle but forceful sucking. You release my wrist and I immediately wrap my hand around your cock. My mouth, lips, tongue and my hand work in unison to bring you to the edge of release. I can feel you swelling even more just before you are ready to explode. 

"Stand up, it’s my turn now." you say and I smile. I have already imagined what you have planned for me………